Narrow Road Bookings

The members of Narrow Road love to play and sing for the Lord.  If you like our music and want to invite us to play for you, we would like to hear about your special event.  Although we try to present our music in a quality manner, we are not professional musicians; that is, we don't make any money doing this.  We support our mission only through donations, love offerings, and through the sale of our tapes and CD's.  While we don't charge for sharing our music with you, and your donations are completely optional, we accept donations to help pay for travel expenses and our future recording projects.  People often ask us what our "minimum" is; we reply "30 minutes."  The farther we have to travel to your event, the longer we like to play, so be sure to allow plenty of time for our message in music.  We find about 45 minutes to be ideal, and can double that if we get a break in between.  So take a break from your usual order of things, and let us bring you our message of God's love through song.  Because of family, work, and other commitments, we limit the number of "performances" we do each month, so please try to contact us well in advance of your event.  Finally, please consider these other commitments we have and the travel time we have ahead of us after your event; we try to take time to visit a bit after each singing, but please schedule other singers and long messages for other services to help us make the best use of our time and to allow us to get on down the narrow road. Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

Narrow Road is taking a break from performing during 2022.

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