Vicki Simmons  is the founder of the New Coon  Creek Girls, long time Berea resident, bass and banjo player for many years with Dale Ann Bradley, singer, songwriter, and I think a friend to everyone that ever met her.  We don't always understand God's way, and the events of the last few months have been some of the most confusing for Vicki and her family and frineds, to be sure.  After being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and after extremely delicate and dangerous surgery that doctors said was the only option if she was to survive more than a few days, now many weeks later she is progressing each day.  With loving family and friends and the therapy of the music she loves, she is on the road to recovery.   The cost in dollars, however, has been great.  As lucrative as a career in bluegrass music is (that's an attempt at humor in the midst of a serious situation), Vicki and her family did not have the health insurance to cover all of the great care she has received.  For example, 24/7 nursing care cost thousands each month, none of which is covered by insurance.  With the help of friends like Pam Perry Combs and the Renfro Valley crew, something very good is about to happen.  You need to be there.  We have a feeling this event will reveal many of the lessons we are to learn from this latest chapter in the life of Vicki Simmons.  Please come join all of us in music to honor one of our own, and to help a wonderful and loving person and her family, because we should, and because we love them.  We guarantee it will be great music and fun, and Narrow Road is honored to be a small part of it and to share the stage with these fine musicians and singers.
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